PLD in collaboration with AJWS organised a National Consultation on ‘Taking Stock of Experiences of Grassroots Organisations of Using the Law to Address Child/Early Marriage’ on 12-13th December, 2018 at India International Centre Annexe, New Delhi

Partners for Law in Development (PLD) organised a National Consultation alongwith American Jewish World Service (AJWS) to understand the use of child marriage prevention laws in addressing the incidences of early/child marriage. The Consultation sought to examine the value of using the law in the lives of girls who are in or at risk of early/child marriages by placing centre-stage the experiences of over 15 grassroots/community organisations that stage interventions in the lives of adolescents. On the use of the Prohibiton of Child Marriage Act, 2006 (PCMA), the consolidation of shared narratives from the field were interlinked with macro policies to identify the outcomes and social costs of using the law in comparison to other interventions.