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    Western region consultation on Witch-hunting in partnership with National Commission for Women (NCW)
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    National Consultation on Adolescent Sexuality, Health and the Law
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    National Conference on Women and Access to Justice
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    Capacity building workshop on laws related to women in Kutch, Gujarat
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    Workshop titled 'Journey From Victim to Survivor: Challenges for Justice' in partnership with Centre for Women's Development Studies (CWDS)
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    Research Conclave on Early and Child Marriage in India
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    Revisiting Rape Law Reform: Critical Reflections and Feminist Dialogue

Who we are

PLD is a legal resource group committed to the realization of social justice and equality for all women. We believe that the attainment of women’s equality is integral to the pursuit of social justice; and rights are necessary means by which discrimination and marginalisation be challenged, and equality facilitated. Law is therefore a primary site of engagement for facilitating the realisation of women’s equality. In our view, the attainment of human rights and social transformation through the law are possible only when combined with mobilisation, rights education and empowerment at the community level, carried out in collaboration with other social justice actors. Read more

  • Feminist Law Archives

    Access a collection of memorandums, reports, petitions that reflect feminist contestation and engagement with the law. Recognising the rich contribution by the women's movement, and its impact on legal developments and feminist legal discourse, this section makes accessible advocacy materials that are not ordinarily published. We invite you to share similar materials for uploading, so as to make our collective struggles with the law widely available. Read more

Events & Updates

  • PLD in Collaboration with Charkha Development Communication Network organised two days National workshop on “Sexual Harassment at Workplace” at Indian Social Institute Delhi on 20 & 21 December, 2017.Around 30 participants from different states including Bihar, Madya Pradesh, Jharkhand, J&K(Ladakh,Kashmir and Pir Panjal), UP, Maharashtra and Delhi have participated in the workshop.The trainees provided the […]

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  • PLD hosted 2 day National Consultation on Revisiting 2013 Rape Law Amendments : Critical Reflections and Feminist Dialogue at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi on 7th & 8th Oct, 2017

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    • PLD’s posters on Sexual Harassment at Workplace available in Urdu now!

      Continuing with our aim to demystify the law and make resources on laws related to women accessible to people in different regions of the country, we at Partners for Law in Development (PLD) have translated three of our posters in Urdu. The first provides an overview of what is required to implement the legislation on […]

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    • Video of the Event: Towards victim-friendly responses to rape prosecutions (1st Sep 2017, 2PM, IIC)

      Partners for Law in Development (PLD) conducted a panel discussion on 1st September, 2017 at IIC, New Delhi around our study on Pre-Trial and Trial Stages of Rape Prosecutions in Delhi. To view the video, access here.  

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    • A Study of Pre-Trial and Trials Stages of Rape Prosecutions in Delhi (2014-15)

      A report of a by PLD to monitor compliance with gender sensitive procedures in rape prosecutions. Conducted under the aegis of Department of Justice and the UNDP, the report draws upon trial monitoring of 16 cases of rape across 4 fast-track courts in Delhi, victim interviews, examination of case records and comparative and domestic law […]

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