Feminist Law Archives

Access a collection of memorandums, reports, petitions that reflect feminist contestation and engagement with the law. Recognising the rich contribution by the women’s movement, and its impact on legal developments, this section makes accessible advocacy materials that are either unpublished or not easily accessible. We invite you to share similar materials for uploading, so as to make our collective struggles with the law widely available.



Towards Equality (1974) Part 1

Towards Equality (1974) Part 2


Custodial Violence

Times of India’s coverage on Maya Tyagi

PUCL’s report on Maya Tyagi

PUDR report on custodial rape

Open Letter to CJI in the Mathura Rape Case

Memorandum and notes on rape law reform- Upendra Baxi, Lotika Sarkar, and Raghunath Kelkar

‘The Lodipur Rape: After Mathura, What?’- Vasudha Dhagamwar’s article in Mainstream

Law Reform Advocacy

Comments by Laxmi Murthy to Criminal Law Amendment Bill 2000

Background to discussions by women’s groups to sexual assault amendments (from 2001 to 2010)

Table mapping legal changes regarding sexual offences by Lawyers Collective


Delhi Domestic Working Women’s Forum v. UOI

Proposed scheme for rape victims by NCW

Recommendations prepared by PLD on the proposed scheme for relief and rehabilitation of victims of rape

Saheli’s Response to a scheme for relief and rehabilitation of victims of rape

Financial Assistance and Support Services to victims of rape

Center sits on relief scheme for rape victims (Indian Express)

Scheme for rape victims bogged down for years (The Hindu)

Bills & Amendments


Criminal Law Amendment Bill 2010

Call by women’s groups and individuals for enactment of comprehensive sexual reform laws

News article in Frontline on the CLAB 2010


Criminal Law Amendment Bill 2012

Press Release on CLAB 2012


Criminal Law Amendment Bill 2013

Myths and facts about the Criminal Law Amendment Bill 2013

Criminal Law Ordinance 2013

Press Release on Criminal Law Ordinance 2013

The Criminal Law Amendment Act 2013


Standing Committee Recommendations to Rajya Sabha

Justice Verma Committee Recommendations

Justice Verma Committee Report on Amendments to Criminal Law

Submission by PLD to Justice Verma Committee

Submissions by All India Democratic Women

Submissions by Alternative Law Forum

Submissions by Amnesty International

Submissions by Aastha Parivaar

Submissions by Azim Premji University

Submissions by Communist Party of India

Submissions by Forum Against the Oppression of Women

Submissions by Gujarat Groups

Submissions by Hazards Centre

Submissions by Jagori

Submissions by Lawyers Collective

Submissions by PUCL

Submissions by PVCHR

Submissions by Rebecca Gonsalvez and Vijay Hiremath

Submissions by Saad Aangan

Submissions by Saheli Women

Submissions by Student Bar Association National Law School of India University

Submissions by Takshashila

Submissions by Ved Kumari

Submissions by Vrinda Grover

Submissions by Women with disabilities

Submissions by WRAG

Submissions by WSS

Joint Submissions by CHRI,Common Cause, FRNV,Manushi


Gender Bias in Law by Lotika Sarkar, Usha Ramanathan and Madhu Mehra


PLD note’s on acid attack

Report on acid attacks in Karnataka by CSAAAW

Report on combating acid violence in Bangladesh, India and Cambodia


Manual for medical examination of Sexual Assault (CEHAT)

Petition to abolish the two-finger test

Standard Operating Procedures for Delhi Police

Sakshi v. UOI

Delhi HC judgement on guidelines for different authorities for dealing with rape cases


Vishka Ors. v. State of Rajasthan

Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill 2012

Medha Kotwal Lele & Ors. v. UOI & Ors

The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013

The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Rules, 2013