Video Resources

Throughout the years PLD has complied various youtube playlists with video resources, linked below:


Conversations about Consent and Rejection – Campaign:

To initiate conversations around these issues, PLD has produced a video-series speaking to the themes of ‘consent’ and ‘rejection’. These videos are an attempt to encourage critical, self-aware expressions of intimacy. Based on stories re-constructed from real cases, this series seeks to go beyond crime and punishment to explore and encourage transformatory approaches to popular attitudes and assumptions about sexuality.


Unboxing Consent and Handling Rejection: Panel Discussion and Launch of Video Series


Conversations about Consent and Rejection – Panel Discussion:

Panelists Madhu Mehra Paromita Vohra, Bishakha Datta, Sumit Pawar, Micky Bhatia and Harnidh Kaur talk about how PLD came up with the idea of making a series of videos on consent and rejection, what is the objective behind these videos and how important it is to bring up and discuss the grey areas that one frequently encounters among peers. The panel discussion held on 27th August, 2018 in Mumbai, in collaboration with Point of View and G5A Foundation, on the launch of PLD’s videos series on consent and rejection.


Rape Law and Constructions of Sexuality: Book Discussion:

The book questions whether sexual justice is possible through law – if ​the push for law reform is focused entirely on enlarging the scope of sexual wrongs and punishment​s​, without either building a sex-positive culture or pushing for decriminalising a range of stigmatised sexualities.


Rape Trial Study:

PLD conducted a panel discussion on 1st September, 2017 at IIC, New Delhi around our study on Pre-Trial and Trial Stages of Rape Prosecutions in Delhi.


Adolescent Sexuality, Health and Law:

PLD conducted a National Consultation on Adolescent Sexuality, Health and Law on 23rd, 24th August 2017 in partnership with Center for Health and Allied Themes (CEHAT), Mumbai and Resource Center for Interventions on Violence against Women, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (RCI-VAW, TISS), Mumbai.


Witch Hunting:

A presentation by Anuja Agrawal of trends in relation to 48 cases of witch hunting from Jharkhand, Bihar and Chhattisgarh. The field work for data gathering took place between 2012-2014, while the case studies documented occurred between the years 1998 and 2013.


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