Gender and Sexuality


The Rape Law and Constructions of Sexuality  (2018)

This resource book explores the role of law in regulating female sexuality, by contextualizing the rape law within the broader socio-cultural understanding of gender and caste as sites of power and privilege. Written in simple language, it is intended to make accessible a critical understanding of sexuality as a site of power, state control, and political struggle for those sections of activists and change agents who have little or no access to such resources on the law. This resource book is designed to complement PLD’s trainings, while also being a stand-alone reading for students and social workers alike. It may also be of interest to those curious about feminist critiques of sexuality and the law.


 National Consultation on Adolescent Sexuality, Health and the Law: Mapping Interventions (2017)

Partners for Law in Development in partnership with CEHAT and RCI-VAW, TISS organized a two day consultation to understand how policies and programmes relating to adolescents interact with each other to impact adolescents in self-arranged sexual relationships.  50 participants from 30 organizations working with adolescents across domains of health, education, sexuality and the law, came together to discuss the specificities of challenges and opportunities presented by laws and State programmes, and  the approaches they adopt to navigate such challenges.


SnapshotCritical Reflections: Exploring the Continuum between Sexuality and Sexual Violence (2015)

The four volumes are compilations of the rich, vibrant discussions from the Roundtable on Exploring the Continuum between Sexuality and Sexual Violence on April 28, 2015, representing each of the panels. ‘Critical Reflections‘ is our endeavour to share the nuanced perspectives that emerged from the roundtable with the larger movement, to initiate and sustain dialogue on protectionist frameworks arising from an exclusive focus on sexual violence, to the neglect of concerns of sexuality.


i) Marriage, sexuality and the law

ii) Speech, sexuality and the law

iii) Criminalisation and sexuality

iv) Feminist Praxis and dialogue



Rights in Intimate Relationships(2010)

The resource book ‘Rights in Intimate Relationships’ seeks to understand rights in intimate relationships within a framework that recognizes rights for all women regardless of their sexuality, marital status, or legality of relationship. In proposing a framework based on ‘intimate relationships’ it moves beyond the boundaries of the exclusivist, marriage centric framework of conjugality in the law. The resource book examines customary and contemporary non normative intimacies in rural and urban India from a feminist perspective, relies upon constitutional, comparative and human rights law, to explore a transformatory rights agenda in respect of the family.