CEDAW and Human Rights

  • CEDAW and Human Rights

    The primary resource book on Convention on Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) is ‘Restoring Rights to Women’, which is available in English, Hindi and Malayalam. In addition, there are reports of training programmes on CEDAW and resource packages that compile readings on human rights of women, international law and relevant comparative law and regional documents.

    These resources complement and are drawn from training workshops and consultations on the respective themes
    To download soft copies of the resources or purchase hard copies, email resources@pldindia.org

    Status of Gender Equality in India – Joint Stakerholders Report for the 3rd Universal Periodic Review on Women and LGBTI Issues (2012-2016)

    Endorsed by 183 organisations and individuals, this joint stakeholder report was submitted towards the 3rd cycle of India’s Universal Periodic Review conducted by the Human Rights Council on May 4, 2017.



    PLD-CEDAW-Trainers Guide cover

    Developing Capacities for Strengthening the Application of CEDAW: A Trainers’ Guide (2012)

    This guide focuses on knowledge content and perspective, illustrations and examples, communication tools and application  exercises, all of them meant to be adapted or borrowed selectively at the discretion of the user. It is designed to meet the varied  needs of the users/trainers, and the diverse constituencies with which they work.



    Narrative Report SA Inter Govt. Peer Learning CoverSouth Asia Inter Governmental Peer Learning CEDAW: Reporting and Implementation (2009)

    This Report is a narrative of the Peer Learning workshop that took place in Nepal from 26th – 28th August 2009. The objectives of the workshop, which is reflected in the report, was to provide a platform for learning and exchange of knowledge/information/experiences on a) the key elements of the cedaw reporting process; b) process of implementing CEDAW concluding comments; c) identifying areas of technical assistance for reporting, implementing and monitoring CEDAW.



    South Asia Training of Trainers Cover

    South Asia Training of Trainers (2006)

    This report seeks to provide the building blocks to CEDAW training for wider use. The workshop, of which this report is an outcome, had certain specific objectives including the creation of awareness of the concepts and mechanisms pertaining to CEDAW. It also sought to enhance clarity on treaty regimes and CEDAW as effective tools for planning development and accessing rights for women.



    RRW Cover

    Restoring Rights to Women (2005)

    This book principally aims at enhancing and deepening the understanding on CEDAW, its coverage and potential. It therefore covers conceptual, substantial and contextual issues, addressing complexities within each, to provide information as well as encourage dynamic inquiry and application of the Convention. Available in English, Hindi, Oriya and Malayalam. To view the report in the following languages please click here: English, Hindi, Oriya, Malayalam



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    A Digest of Case Law on Human Rights of Women (Asia Pacific) (2003)

    This is a Asia Pacific Forum on Women Law and Development Publication, to which PLD has contributed.