“I greatly appreciate the depth of knowledge that lies behind the newsletter. I like its approach and I trust its interpretation of events which provides a steer but is never too raucous. I always find the material interesting and relevant. I appreciate in particular the UN news and because of my interests the South Asian legal material. I would like to see ways in which the digest could be made available to a larger audience. It is a very valuable resource”


PLD’s first bi-monthly e-newsletter came out in March 2008. Since then the newsletter has evolved and today we have more than 2000 subscribers!


Based on the feedback we have received, 68% of people have said that the PLD newsletter contributed to their by regulary updating information while 61% of the people said that the most distinctive part our newsletter was the international, national and regional news coverage


The PLD e-newsletter covers the following areas:

  • UN Updates
  • Asia News
  • Beyond Asia News
  • National Judgments
  • National News
  • Resources
  • Events


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