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Newsletter Vol. 9 (VI) November – December 2016

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We’re pleased to share that with this Nov-Dec edition, PLD’s newsletter completes 9 successful years of publishing the bi-monthly that started in 2008! We are excited to continue this endeavor into its 10th year and also hope you will send us your views. Your feedback will help keep us motivated and improve our publication. Do send any comments to .

This edition of our bi-monthly newsletter covers, among other things, the General Assembly’s decisive vote against stalling the newly appointed mandate of the Independent Expert on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, the incoming Secretary General pledge to prioritise gender-justice and the joint call to governments by UN independent experts to incorporate gender-sensitive policies.

In international news, the transgender-movement received a boost in Pakistan both at the political and judicial levels, with pressure mounting on the government to facilitate recognition of political rights. In Kyrgistan, legislation was passed to penalize facilitators of child-marriage, but Bangladesh and Turkey unfortunately introduced legislative exceptions that allow under-age marriages. In America, political contestations on women’s reproductive rights continued to manifest with some states enacting anti-abortion laws that seek to bypass the apex court ruling that acknowledged abortions as fundamental to reproductive rights.

Legal developments in India included the Delhi Government’s notifying its scheme for compensation for victims of sexual-violence and an expert panel viewing Cabinet’s Surrogacy Bill as violative of reproductive rights. Courts ruled against the arbitrariness of Triple Talaq, the unilateral withdrawal of consent from mutual divorce and intentional efforts to continue marriage only to perpetrate cruelty. Also, maternity leave benefits were extended to temporarily and contractually employed women.

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