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                        A Study of Pre-Trial and Trial Stages of Rape Prosecutions in Delhi (2014-15)

A report  by PLD to monitor compliance with gender sensitive procedures in rape prosecutions. Conducted under the aegis of Department of Justice and the UNDP, the report draws upon trial monitoring of 16 cases of rape across 4 fast-track courts in Delhi, victim interviews, examination of case records and comparative and domestic law research. It concludes with recommendations that seek to strengthen victim centric measures to support women prosecuting rape.   To view the report click here



Status of Gender Equality in India – Joint Stakerholders Report for the 3rd Universal Periodic Review on Women and LGBTI Issues (2012-2016)

Endorsed by 183 organisations and individuals, this joint stakeholder report was submitted towards the 3rd cycle of India’s Universal Periodic Review conducted by the Human Rights Council on May 4, 2017. To view the report click here


 Workshop Report – The Journey From Victim to Survivor, Challenges For Justice (2016)

Proudly announcing our report on the national workshop on “The Journey from Victim to Survivor: Challenges for Justice”, organized jointly by CWDS and PLD in February 2016 in memory of Professor Lotika Sarkar. With participation of women’s rights, child-rights, disability rights, minority rights, Dalit rights, queer rights activists and counsellors amongst others, the workshop sought to understand justice in terms of recovery and healing of victims of violence. Victim-centric interventions like compensation, comprehensive crisis support, shelter-homes and counselling were some themes on which discussion was led by leading activists professionally engaged in such work. Context-centric transformatory interventions and community-oriented dialogue were also among the approaches discussed. The report captures the presentations and discussions on each of the themes. To view the report click here


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