New Data Shows Worsening of Sex Ratio at Birth (SRB)

New data released from the Civil Registration System (CRS) shows that the sex-ratio has continued to decline since 2011 when the figure was 909. The number as of 2014 was 887. Manipur, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu have the worst figures, while Lakshwadeep has the highest number.

Although the Pre-Conception & Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PC-PNDT) Act 1994 banned sex determination and pre-conception sex-selection, the problem only seems to have slipped underground. Doctors cash in liberally on society’s male preference by providingsex determination services. By and large, implementation of the PC-PNDT Act has been poor across the board, with marginal improvement visible in Haryana’s sex ratio and Rajasthan’s administration having conducted raids and set up a Bureau of Investigation under the PC-PNDT Act. The Supreme Court also recently passed measures designed at fast-tracking legal proceedings as well as obligating states to maintain detailed databases of birth-rates for each district and undertake active campaigning on media.

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