Experiences of Interns

“My experience at PLD helped me put my legal education in context and opened my eyes to the importance and complexity of a number of issues in India and across the globe. During my time with PLD, I researched marriage law, and this sparked an ongoing interest that shaped the rest of law school and subsequent choice of career.” Sarah Downer (Sarah interned with us during June 2007 to August 2007. She is currently a Clinical Fellow and Staff Attorney at Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation of Harvard Law School)


“I interned at PLD from August to November 2012 and very much enjoyed the experience. I was exposed to a wide range of work, from developing a report on witch hunting practices to assisting at a conference on ‘violence against women and the law’ to establishing PLD’s facebook page and website blog. It was fascinating to experience how the legal system is used in a different culture, and I learned a lot about how the law can be used to promote or stall development. Living in Delhi was exciting and eye-opening and I enjoyed the chance to explore more of India at weekends. I definitely valued my experience at PLD and enjoyed learning from everyone in the PLD team.” – Claire McEvilly (Claire interned with us from August 2012 to mid November 2012, while pursuing law from University of Sydney) 


“I worked at PLD as a part-time Documentation Assistant during September 2008- August 2009 while pursuing my M.A. in International Relations at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.  Having access to the treasure-trove of resources in PLD’s library was among the best things to have happened to me in those formative years.  Whether I contributed meaningfully to PLD’s work is not something that I can judge, but I would like to record the gratitude of benefiting immensely from the exposure I got while working there and through the open, warm and enriching conversations that Madhu engaged me in.” Sneha Banerjee (Sneha interned with us during 2008. She is now pursuing a PhD at the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University and teaches Political Science at the undergraduate level in University of Delhi)


“The focus of my internship was to read up on Voices Against 377’s involvement in the Naz Foundation case at the Supreme Court and give the website a overhaul, in time for the judgment that is to come out soon. I have learnt immensely from my time at PLD – I really appreciated Madhu and her team’s input into my work and I gained new perspective into a issue that is still met with hostility from several quarters. I was also asked to contribute in research and summaries for other PLD projects such as Witch-hunting, Feminist Law Archives and Violence Against Women and I thus, learnt and imbibed skills that would carry me in good stead in Law School” – Harshvardhan Goel (Harsh interned with us during February 2013 while in his 1st Year of BA/LLB (Hons.) at National Law School of India, Bangalore)


“After spending 7 weeks interning at the organization I feel that not only did I make friendships but learned so much especially regarding international human rights law, criminal law, and women’s rights. My favorite part of the day was when we all a gathered around for lunch and spoke about everything from women’s rights, and what projects we were  working on to travel and food. Everyone at the organization is dedicated, organized and knowledgeable about the law and women’s/human rights. There is a diverse collection of books/ resources at ones disposal for research and reading. I would say that I have learned a tremendous amount during this internship and would highly recommend PLD”     Elisabeth  Doyle ( Lizzy interned with us during May 2013 to July 2013 while pursuing law  at George Washington Law School, Washington DC)