UN entities release joint statement on discrimination in healthcare settings

Several entities of the UN have released a joint statement on ending discrimination in health care settings. The statement calls for review of laws that criminalize or otherwise prohibit gender expression, same sex conduct, adultery and other sexual behaviors between consenting adults; adult consensual sex work; drug use or possession of drugs for personal use; sexual and reproductive health care services, and calls upon all stakeholders to support States in putting in place guarantees against discrimination in law, policies, and regulations; support measures to empower health workers and users of health services through attention to and realization of their rights, roles and responsibilities; support accountability and compliance with the principle of non-discrimination in health care settings; and implement the United Nations Shared Framework for Action on Combating Inequalities and Discrimination.

Source: http://sxpolitics.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/ending-discrimination-healthcare-settings_en.pdf