SCOTUS partially upholds Trump’s ban on refugees from Muslim countries

The Supreme Court of the United States revived parts of a travel ban imposed by the President Trump on people from six Muslim-majority countries. Although patently discriminatory, Trump defended the travel ban on grounds of national security. The travel ban had been completely stayed by a lower court earlier. The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals had upheld a preliminary injunction on Trump’s travel ban. In doing so, the Court had heavily drawn from the often polarising statements made by Trump in his TV appearances and public speeches.  Citing his interviews published in the media, where he’d made comments about the ‘horrible treatment’ of Christian refugees, and had categorically stated his intention to help Christian refugees, the Court had held that the travel ban was intended to disfavour followers of Islam while giving preference to Christian refugees.

In appeal, the SCOTUS partially reinstated the ban with respect to persons who did not have strong ties with any person or entity in the USA.