The report of SR in the field of cultural rights expands on impact of fundamentalism and extremism on the cultural rights of women

The Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights has released her second report on the impact of fundamentalism and extremism on the enjoyment of cultural rights of women. The report calls attention to cultural rights and equality of women, that are routinely violated through imposition of strict dress codes, restrictions on reproductive rights, and the right of girls to education. In the context of India, the report covers targeting of women writers, artists and rationalists, cow related lynchings, regulation of women’s mobility and dress as well as love jihad; as well as resistance movements like #NotInMyName.

The report draws attention to the manner in which sanctions on funding for modern contraceptives and opposition to use of condoms “places a certain ideology above the well-being of women”. It expresses concerns about “imposition of dress codes” as this promotes the idea of women being stereotypically subordinate in the society, with limited control over their bodily autonomy. The report calls for promoting a culture of women’s equality and dignity, and calls upon states to prevent cultural rights violations by prohibiting funding of extremist groups, repeal discriminatory laws, and remove obstacles to functioning of civil society organisations.

Access report here.