European Parliament passes resolution on combating sexual harassment and abuse in the EU

The European Parliament, by 580 votes to 10 and with 27 abstentions, adopted a resolution on combating sexual harassment and abuse in the EU. The Parliament condemned all forms of sexual violence and harassment, whether it be physical or psychological, and noting the fact that these acts are too easily tolerated. The Parliament also asked the Commission to submit a proposal for a directive against gender-based violence as well as a comprehensive EU strategy to resist the same. It highlighted the relevance of dedicated training and awareness-raising campaigns regarding existing formal protocol on reporting sexual harassment in the workplace, along with establishing procedures of accountability and active engagement of men for the purpose of prevention in response to the underreporting of sexual harassment.

Further, sexual harassment within the Parliament itself was explored, by installing specific structures and internal rules to address the issue, including advisory committees that will handle complaints from both members and staff. Member States too were advised to evaluate the matter of sexual harassment in their own national parliaments.