Compassionate appointment cannot be denied on the ground of marriage of the daughter of the deceased

A cooperative bank refused to grant compassionate appointment to a woman on the ground that she was married at the time of her father’s death. This order of the Bank was challenged by the Petitioner as being violative of several fundamental rights, including the right to equality.

Holding in favour of the Petitioner, the High Court of Madras held that appointment could not be denied on the ground of marriage of the petitioner. The Court highlighted the role that women play in managing both their natal and marital homes. Given that the petitioner and her husband had been caring for her mother, while her brothers were living separate lives, the Court ordered that the Petitioner be granted compassionate appointment.

The Joint Registrar, Cooperative Bank Ltd v P Asothai and Ors, W.A.(MD) No.1042 of 2016 and 122 of 2017 and C.M.P.(MD).No.6078 of 2016