PLD’s posters on Sexual Harassment at Workplace Digitally available in Punjabi, Malayalam, Bengali now!

Continuing with our aim to demystify the law and make resources on laws related to women accessible to people in different regions of the country, we at Partners for Law in Development (PLD) have digitally translated three of our posters in Punjabi, Malayalam, Bengali.

The first provides an overview of what is required to implement the legislation on Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act. The second addresses common myths and corresponding facts relating to workplace harassment and the law.  The third comprehensively covers laws relating to domestic violence, sexual harassment at workplace, acid attack, child marriage, witch hunting, and sexual assault. These posters are simply written with illustrations representing the diversity of workplaces and women workforce, making them relevant and accessible for all sectors.

We hope these will be used by grassroots workers and organizations working with varied speaking communities. To view, click here.  please write to us on