PLD in collaboration with CSGS, Ashoka University organised a Roundtable on Sexuality and Harassment on 1st December, 2018 at India International Centre, New Delhi

Partners for Law in Development (PLD) organised a Roundtable in collaboration with the Centre for Gender and Sexuality, Ashoka University (CSGS) on ‘Sexuality and Harassment’. Across the three panels on ‘Psyche’, ‘Agency’ and the ‘Law’, the roundtable inquired as to the role of each in understanding the complexities of desire, sexuality, harassment and other ways that we relate to one other. Away from the centrality of law and that of crime and retribution, the panelists and our audience engaged in questioning the psychological formulations, cultural practices and the political frameworks that regulate and perhaps, constrain desire, attraction, agency, consent, boundary setting and even transgressions.