• Coalitions


    The Working Group on Human Rights in India and the UN (WGHR) was established in January 2009. It is a coalition of individuals working on different areas of Human Rights, with PLD on board brining concerns relating to women, LGBTI amongst others.

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    Voices Against 377

    Voices Against 377 is a coalition of 12 Non Governmental Organisations and progressive groups based in Delhi. It is a unity of various social movements that these groups represent, that came together to protest the anti sodomy law, as defined by Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code which criminalizes adult and consensual sexual acts deemed to be against the order of nature. PLD is a founding member of Voices. For further details on the coalition and for links to resources on assertion of human rights in relation to sexual orientation, visit


    Due Diligence Project

    The Due Diligence Project is research-advocacy project. The principle aim of the Project is to add content to the international legal principle of ‘due diligence’ in the context of State responsibility to end violence against women. The objective is to create compliance indicators that are concrete and measurable across regions. PLD is one of the project partners. For further details visit,